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What is a plastic house?

2022-03-19 超级管理员 本站 743

Recently, the General Electric Plastics Company of the United States built a new type of house-a plastic house, which stands on the top of a round hill in the west of Massachusetts, USA. No one lives in this house, and perhaps no one will ever live in it. It's just a product gallery where the company is seeking new markets.


Although the structure of this house is traditional, a total of more than 20,000 kilograms of plastic products are used, including several products that have only recently been developed and will soon appear on the market.

The premise of this project is to explore the various functions of the house, design and build it as a whole, to avoid wasting materials, and to make most of the components play a multi-functional role. In addition, the components in these ideas will be factory products, which will really save costs. The purpose of this project is to save 30% of the construction cost, including construction and long-term maintenance costs.

Most of the surface materials of this kind of house are plastic products, even if you approach it, it is difficult to find how it is different from other houses. The roof is covered by two different plastic cover panels, which look like gray cedar panels. The biggest advantage of the plastic cover is light weight, easy to install, made of a large board, no cushion; in addition, it can also be flame retardant. The cover plate in front of the house is made of plastic resin and glass fiber. Its purpose is to prevent fire, which is the current standard.


The vinyl wall panels of the house are extruded products with a variety of colors and shapes. This is a general-purpose polyvinyl chloride coated with a layer of high-performance very tight resin products. Even the surface part that looks like brushed cement is a plastic product, and a layer of acrylic modified cement is sprayed on the surface to cover the joints. The wall is flexible and has excellent safety performance.

The house is also equipped with a computer, which can be controlled by voice, draw curtains, turn on lights, etc. according to dictated instructions. When people step into the house, the computer will greet people and ask questions from guests.

Amazing new technology products are also displayed in the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. The windows in the bedroom are glass with liquid crystals. When it is not powered on, it is milky white and opaque; when you turn on the current, the liquid crystal molecules will rearrange. This window is transparent, just like a normal glass window.

The plastic bathtub used in the bathroom is manufactured by blow molding, which is more convenient than manufacturing with FRP. A section of the wall panel was cut open in one room, exposing the plastic inside. The outer wall layer consists of a corrugated panel, which is a combination of wood fiber and plastic resin. The external wall panel is the primary insulator-vacuum panel, which looks like a red ceramic sheet, and the thermal insulation performance it provides is surprising. General Electric is developing this material for future refrigerators.

The outer side of the corrugated board is a layer of pink foam plastic, which can enhance the thermal insulation performance and make the wall more rigid. The inner surface is made of glass fiber, which is flame-retardant. It is easy to fill and paint, and no wall powder is required.


Water pipes and electric wires are embedded in the public facilities channels preset in the wall. The bottom of the floor is grid-shaped, and the flexible polybutene pipelines are neatly arranged in the channels. The fixing devices of the pipelines are plastic boxes embedded in the walls. The direction of the water pipes can be determined according to the needs. There is no need to bend the pipes or There will be leakage, and it is very convenient to install and disassemble various pipelines.

This house shows the new concept of the future house. It has condensed the wisdom of 50 engineers, designers and product development experts. Here, the use of modern and newly developed materials and technologies makes the house a rationally arranged whole, with less cost and more functions.




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