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Kind care from Toppla

2022-12-19 超级管理员 本站 164

The company has been committed to creating a warm and harmonious, inclusive and dedicated family, and strive to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, so that the company staff can feel the infinite care and deep sense of belonging from the company family after work, and integrate into the company family.

There are birthday parties every month.

In order to let the birthday stars have fun, the birthday party site carried out interesting answer games, the atmosphere continues to heat up, the scene is full of laughter.

Games are just a warm-up. Prizes and gifts are the surprise of the party. The administration Department carefully prepared the birthday presents for the birthday girl, and the birthday girl got a great harvest.

At the end of the birthday party, the carefully prepared birthday cake was presented slowly, with the company's sweet wishes and deep care for the birthday stars. With the birthday song, everyone blew out the candles and made wishes together, and took a group photo.

Customer satisfaction, happy staff! Let's remember this warm occasion and once again wish all of you a happy birthday! In the years ahead, write a new chapter of our lives together.



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