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How to choose garden tool house with different materials

2022-04-02 超级管理员 本站 266

In the long development process of the human beings, architectural history experienced the change and upgrade again and again from the cave age. Chinese house and luxury apartment completed investment increased year by year from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, the completed investment of the Chinese house and luxury apartment was totally 443 billions RMB, year-on-year growth 10.3%. While in 2019, it was slightly declined compared with 2018. In 2019, the completed investment of the Chinese house and luxury apartment was totally 387.6 billions RMB, year-on-year decline 12.5%.


House owner normally will elaborate various of plants and landscapes in the garden, with the tools and trimming equipment. Tool house was born to stock such kind of tools.

In current market, there are many kinds of tools storage house, such as wooden house, civil construction house, steel house or plastic house.


Wooden Tool house

Wooden architecture occupied a dominant position in Chinese architecture history. 

It can be achieved different kinds of house models with the coordinating of the wood material and tenon & mortise structure. Many of these structures are still widely used today. But because of its feature, wooden garden tool house should be preserved by termite control, regular paint repair, moisture proof and reinforce etc. Otherwise it would affect the overall life. In addition, the fixed structure can not be promptly disassembled & installed and expanded, which limited the usage scenario and range.


Civil Construction Tool House

When building the civil construction tool house, we need to finish all the designing plan before starting the construction. Then it will be completed by the construction side. Its feature is easy to design and build. not too much different with our living house. But it has some certain request for the building sites. It is durable but can not move. Once finished, the house owner can only knock it down and reconstruct when need to change. Civil construction tool house could be one time building.


Steel Tool House

The 2008 Olympic Games help the Chinese steel building to be popular. It gains quite a big market as its outlook is similar to Olympic building. The advantage of such house is light weight, good stability, good rigidity and low cost. Normally it can not be disassembled & installed and expanded, but need to weld on site or transfer the whole set with the help of crane. It need to be maintained by regular painting, or it would easy to be rusting and paint peel, which will influence the storage usage.


Plastic Tool House 

With the development and popularity of the plasthetics, tool house is no longer limited in the civil construction, wooden, steel, metal. We can find the convenient disassembly and freely expandable plastic garden tool house in the market.



Plastic garden tool house is made of polyethylene (PE for short), which is a thermoplastic resin obtained by ethylene polymerization. It is odorless, non-toxic, wax hand feeling and excellent low temperature resistance, which can still be used under the temperature range from -100°C to -70°C. Due to the good chemical stability, high toughness, resistant to most acid and base erosion, insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, weak water absorption and excellent electrical insulation, it is chiefly applied in the area of machine part, commodity and construction materials etc. The pipe life of PE material can reach 50 years.


The influence of the temperature is next to nothing for the plastic garden tool house under the basic feature of the material. But the damage by the ultraviolet ray in the outdoor environment should not be ignored. Considering the damage in outdoor condition, Toppla add the uvioresistant proportionally into the raw material, to extend the service life of the house.


Because of the advantage of manufacturing technology plastic garden tool house can be divided into four modules, roof, walls, base and door. Through the modular way to achieve promptly disassembly and installation and the goal of completing the house in 2 hours.

The modular design of the plastic tool house can not only solve the installation efficiency issue, but also more efficient and convenient in the early stage of transport, later transfer and maintain of the house.



No matter which kind of material of the tool house, its essence is for storage ultimately. The size of space is the primary condition to choose the tool house.

With the increasing of the tools in the tool house, the available space become less and less. The space can not be satisfied by the users as time passes. The wooden house and steel house in the market may suffer the embarrassing situation that one house too less and two houses too large. However, the plastic modular house can make up for this deficiency. Based on the the minimum unit, it can be flexibly expanded according to the requested tool house space, which provides users with a perfect tool room solution.

Face Value

Besides the material, service life, flexibility and so on, the tool house appearance is also the focus of most attention under the dominance of face value. Comparing between the mood, steel and plastic, the texture of the wooden house is the best. If needed rich color, wooden house and steel house need to paint additionally. While plastic house can be molded with color, without the issues of paint dropping and fading. Creating the plastic garden tool house with function and face value coexisted, to make the garden and courtyard different and to make life more convenient and environmental.




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