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TOPPLA—Working together to build a strong defense against COVID-19

2022-05-26 超级管理员 本站 223

In October, Jimei District announced the first demonstration list of “Party Leading, Excellent Enterprises with Epidemic-Free”, and MAKE Technology Co.,Ltd was successfully selected. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAKE Technology, TOPPLA has actively responded to the organization and done a good job in prevention and control, supported the medical frontline, and donated some Nucleic Acid Detection Rooms to the local hospital of Xiamen, Fujian province——The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University and Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University.



Founded in 1937 The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University is the largest A Grade general hospital in southern Fujian. There are 2 national key specialties for pediatrics and clinical nursing, and 15 provincial key clinical specialties. And won the honorary title of advanced collective fight against in the process of COVID-19,2020.


The Nucleic Acid Detection Room donated to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University is used in key specialties pediatric fever clinics. The original Nucleic Acid Detection Room of the department is located indoors, and the TOPPLA’s placed outside the department to separate the detection persons and patients to reduce the risk.


Due to the site limit, the First Affiliated Hospital chooses a 2.6 ㎡ area of the TOPPLA house. Although the small zone the house has window, sunroof, switches and power supply.


Modular designed of TOPPLA Nucleic Acid Detection Room adopts the  HDPE plastic as its raw materials, which is not easy to be corroded in daily disinfection. After installation, it will be disinfected by the medical staff, then put into use.


If there is an increase of space requirement or change it site, the house could be added more windows and expand it flexibly.


Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University is an A Grade general modern comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and preventive health care. There are 36 clinical and medical technical departments, as well as two Nucleic Acid Detection points. In order to meet the demand of large centralized detection, we communicated and donated a 4-window detection room.



TOPPLA’s 4-window detection room covers 9.9㎡. Two registration windows and two sampling windows are set up in the different position, which could quickly complete the registration and sampling work for one person. The internal air conditioner installed to provide a comfortable working environment for medical staff.


The detection room is equipped with an LED display screen, which could remind the people take on-site the epidemic prevention measures and be used as a notification tool for hospital matters.

The epidemic situation has been improved, TOPPLA continues to innovate to make life more convenient and environmental friendly.



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