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What are the advantages of plastic sheds?

2022-03-07 超级管理员 本站 143

Plastic Sheds are covered by two different types of plastic cover sheets that look like gray cedar boards. The biggest advantage of the plastic cover is that it is light weight, easy to install, made of large panels and does not require bedding; in addition, it is flame resistant. The front of the house is covered with a plastic resin that is fiberglassed together for the purpose of fire protection, which is the standard that can be achieved today.

The vinyl wall panels of the house are extruded and come in a variety of colors and shapes, which are general-purpose polyvinyl chloride overlaid with a high-performance, very dense resin product. Even the top layer, which looks like brushed cement, is a plastic product with a coating of acrylic-modified cement to cover the joints. The walls are flexible and have excellent safety features.

The house is also equipped with a computer that can be controlled by voice to draw the curtains, turn on the lights, etc. according to oral instructions. When people step into the house, the computer greets them and answers their questions.

Upstairs in the bedrooms and bathrooms are also displays of amazing new technology products. The windows in the bedroom are glass laminated with liquid crystals, which are milky white and opaque when they are not energized; when you turn on the electric current, the liquid crystal molecules rearrange and this window is transparent, just like the usual glass windows.

Plastic bath tubs for dissolving chambers are made by the blow molding method, which is easier than making them from fiberglass.

In one room the wall panel was cut through a section to reveal the plastic inside. The outer wall layer consists of a corrugated panel, which is made of wood fibers bonded to plastic resin.

The exterior wall panels are primary insulators - vacuum panels that look like red ceramic sheets that provide a surprising amount of thermal insulation. General Electric is developing this material for use in future refrigerators.

On the outside of the corrugated panels is a layer of pink foam, which enhances the insulation and makes the walls stiffer. The inner surface is fiberglass, which has fire retardant properties and is easy to fill and paint, without the need to apply wall powder.

Water pipes and electrical wiring are embedded in pre-designed utility channels in the walls. The bottom layer of the floor is latticed, and flexible polybutylene pipes are neatly arranged in the channels. The fixtures for the pipes are plastic boxes embedded in the walls, so that the direction of the pipes can be determined as needed, without bending the pipes and without leakage, and it is easy to place and dismantle various pipes.



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